Why would I use this app?

PartyLive helps you find what to do in your city, showcasing local parties and specials from your favorite bars and clubs. You can also use PartyLive to book events at your favorite venues by using local talent to play for your reservation.

What's in it for the Artists?

Artists using the app will be put on the map for all users to view and discover their sound.

Through their profile, you will be able to see their social media and music pages, giving you a feel for them and helping determine if they're the right fit for you.

They will be noticed as if they were a business on Yelp or Google.

They can set their rates, control their crowd, be their own agent.

What's in it for the businesses?

Businesses who want to have weekly entertainment or just want to let the public know about their day-to-day, from their weekly specials to parties they plan, now have a virtual billboard to post it on for free!

Businesses can see an increase in their profits by participating in pop-up parties, just like the income advantages homeowners have seen through Airbnb and car-owners through Uber.

Businesses set the type of events that they accept, their rates, and their terms.

Is this available for iOS or Android?

PartyLive is currently available on iOS and Web, with plans for the google play store mid-2021.

When can I expect to see PartyLive fully developed?

We can expect a full version of the "MVP" core concept mid-2021.

Is this an entertainment listing app?

PartyLive sets out to be a virtual agent and community event space.

Businesses can create an account and post weekly specials and events happening, and artists can join and set their rates.

Users can browse or create accounts and view what's happening around them through the event board or create an event themselves and book.