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We've been approved to enter our app into the app store and begin the demo process! In the upcoming weeks, we will send out our testflight link to interested parties, contact us if you want to be included!

We're also working on expanding our network of venues, preparing for the pilot city (Asheville, NC) rollout, and creating a marketing campaign for the initial release.

Original (old) Concept Design: July 2020

PartyLive App

2/18/21 update: We are weeks away from putting out our first design on the apple app store! We will post soon!

Current App Dev process (as of 11/8/20)

*The app is changing daily

1.Home Page


3.Edit Profile

4.Browse Screen

Home Screen

(Post log-in)




Adding/editing an event to be booked

Create/Edit New Event

Event Listing

Adding/editing a new service

Adding/editing a new venue

Example Lisiting *Subject to change

When booking an artist for an event

(ex: "Nov 20 - Turkey Trot 2020" after you have created the event)

  1. Browse through your local talent by clicking to view profiles.

2. Get a feel for the artist by viewing their listed social media pages. When ready, tap the button on the bottom of the screen to book.

3. Review your event details when you're done!

When being booked as an artist

The host, once booked, will view this message under the selected artists profile.

  1. The artist will receive the request, and will have the option to accept.

2. Once accepted, the artist maintains the ability to cancel.

Logo dev.

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